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    Some business owners are just looking for a cheap accountant.  But as you know, in this world you get what you pay for.  A cheap accountant is fine if you just want somebody to do the essentials (your bookkeeping, payroll, complete your tax returns and complete your annual financial statements).

    And whilst we do those things as well, our focus is on helping you get RESULTS.

    Many of our current clients describe us as Reassuringly Expensive!

    And we are expensive.  That’s because we go beyond what typical accounting firms do.  Our focus is on making sure you grow your business, increase your profits and save taxes far in excess of what you pay us in fees.

    Remember, there is a $299 fee in order to schedule your Full Diagnostic Consultation. This is paid for in advance. At the end of the consultation one of three things will happen:

    Until then, here are a few things you can do straight away:

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